Suprarex™ HDX


Suprarex™ HDX

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ESAB continues to advance the state-of-the-art in thermal cutting systems. The new Suprarex™ HDX is ESAB’s latest global machine design, offering outstanding performance from a heavy-duty large gantry, resulting in reliable productivity and a machine customized to your exact needs.

ESAB also offers industry leading safety features that meet or exceed the demanding regulations in the new EC Machinery Directive.


  • STRENGTH - Heavy-duty design for high performance and long service life
  • PERFORMANCE - High speed, excellent accuracy, and smooth motion produce highest quality parts
  • PRODUCTIVITY - Innovative technology and complete process automation yield the highest productivity in any cutting application
  • SAFETY - Industry leading, innovative safety package provides full compliance with EC Machinery Directive

Pramonės šakos

  • Pramoninė ir bendrojo pobūdžio gamyba
  • Naftos gavyba jūroje
  • Aukšto slėgio indai
  • Laivų ir baržų statyba
  • Kalnakasyba
  • Vėjo jėgainės
  • Plieno pjaustymo centrai

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