birņelis 12, 2021

ESAB has announced an improved OK Flux 10.99, an agglomerated neutral basic flux designed for submerged arc welding in heavy industrial environments like petrochemical plants, offshore construction, transport, LNG and LEG tanks, pressure vessel, and pulp and paper industries. The enhanced formula of the flux works, in combination with selected austenitic and nickel-based wires, performs equally well with either AC or DC+ current, and provides significantly improved slag release, increased productivity and better weld quality.

“The high basicity of OK Flux 10.99 provides superior impact and toughness,” says Paolo Torchiana, Global Product Manager, ESAB. “Its excellent weldability in 1G and 2G positions is very smooth with much easier detaching slag. The end result is a very clean bead shape and appearance with good wetting.”

As a neutral flux, it will not contribute any alloying elements to the weld metal. When combined with nickel-based products, such as ESAB’s OK Autrod NiCrMo-4, hot cracking is significantly decreased. Its low silicon content provides good mechanical properties and weld deposits especially impact toughness. OK Flux 10.99 achieves superior tie-in, toe angles and bead appearance on interior and exterior applications.

Welding with OK Flux 10.99 using an AC output increases productivity by up to 15 percent with the ability to use higher wire feed speeds. It provides moisture and corrosion resistance. In addition, its high weld quality reduces scrap and its increased slag release decreases clean-up time.

“We improved the performance of this flux so that its welds require less cleaning and reduced repair work,” continues Torchiana. “There is no need to re-qualify welds and our customers are very pleased with the improvements. There is high operator appeal for this product.”

OK Flux 10.99 has a grain size of 0.2 to 2.0 mm and a basicity index of 2.1, making it ideal for pressure vessel, chemical and petrochemical plant applications and other industrial environments requiring multi-run welding and unlimited plate thicknesses. It combines well with many submerged arc wires, OK Autrod 308L, 309L, 316L, 316LMn and NiCrMo-4.

OK Flux 10.99 is available in 25 kg bags. For increased moisture protection and decreased risk of packaging damage, 25 kg steel buckets are also available. There is no need to redry the flux prior to use onsite because the packaging protects the flux from any moisture absorption during transport and storage.

OK Flux 10.99

OK Flux 10.99 provides superior impact and toughness with selected austenitic and nickel-based wires for submerged arc welding in heavy industrial environments.