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G Series Flowmeter

G Series Flowmeter

G Series Flowgauge regulators are dual gauge regulators that provide 0-40 l/min gas flow for use with Argon and CO2

G Series Preset regulators are single gauge regulators preset to 2 Bar for use with Argon and CO2

G Series Flowmeters feature a tube overpressure relief mechanism, and are available for gas flows of 0-16 or 0-40 l/min, for use with Argon and CO2

A high-strength zinc aluminium bonnet nearly twice the yield strength of forged brass provides exceptional durability, and ergonomic colour-coded knobs indicate gas type and offer improved comfort when adjusting gas pressure.

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  • Forged brass body with high strength zinc-aluminium bonnet
  • Long length stem fits all common cylinder valves and allows use with cylinders fitted with a protective cowling
  • Large, clear scale gauges with colour coded operational guidelines, and colour coded PA knobs for ease of use and clear identification of gas type
  • Meets ISO 2503
  • Date stamped for ease of inspection and replacement


  • Automotive
  • Offshore Oil
  • Railcars
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Ship/Barge Building