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VTS 700 Series High Flow Cylinder Regulator

VTS 700 Series High Flow Cylinder Regulator

The two stage VTS 700 regulators are designed for heavy duty applications & large cylinders and applications requiring precise & constant outlet pressure with a high flow rate up to 8,000 SCFH.

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Recommended for applications that require a constant delivery pressure during decreasing inlet pressures. This precise two stage regulation provides superior operating characteristics for applications where change in delivery pressure would affect performance characteristics of work or test results.

  • Brass Adjusting Screw with forged T-handle (VTS 700 only)
  • Delrin Insert Bushing for durability, easier adjusting
  • Die-Forged Brass Sprying Housing Cap provides greater strength and durability
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm givs accurate long lasting service
  • Stem-Type Seat Mechanism inlet pressure aides in sealing
  • Stainless Ball in Key for easy adjustment
  • Adjusting Spring pretested for quality assurance
  • Die-Forged Brass Body for extra strength
  • Precision Machined Nozzle for optimum flow control
  • Adjusting Spring designed for precise preset
Additional Features
  • External self reseating relief valve - Not designed to protect downstream equipment (no relief valve is needed on low pressure fuel gas models)
  • Sintered inlet filter - electroless nickel plated bronze
  • Regulators will deliver - at least the stated upper range and in some cases may exceed the stated upper range


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