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SR 310 Series Flow Meter

SR 310 Series Flow Meter

The SR311-320 CO2 Flowmeter adjustable pressure gauge is specifically designed for use with standard (non-siphoned) carbon dioxide cylinders. Our unique design incorporates aluminum heat sink fins which permit high flow rates without freeze-up.

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  • Designed for CO2 application (non-siphoned tube cylinders)
  • High flow CO2 applications (SR 310 100 PSIG) (SR 311/312 100 SCFH) with adequate supply or source
  • Designed for core wire applications
  • Machined aluminum body & housing cap
  • 2" (50.8 mm) gauge
  • Stem type seat mechanism
  • 1.75" (44.5 mm) diaphragm - fabric reinforced neoprene
  • Self reseating relief valve (not designed to protect downstream equipment)
  • Sintered inlet filter - bronze
A regulator equipped with a flow gauge is not accurate when a back pressure in excess of 2 PSIG exists at the outlet. Back pressure is caused by a restriction in the equipment downstream of the flow gauge. Metering valves, kinked hoses or even very long hoses are restrictions that can cause back pressure. In applications where back pressure in excess of 2 PSIG can be expected, a regulator equipped with a flow meter should be used. WARNING: High gas withdrawal rates may cause regulator freeze up and will require cylinder manifolding. Consult your gas supplier


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