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Firmly established as the leading CO2, all-positional, rutile cored wire, PZ6113S has a high degree of welder appeal. For example, the 1.2 mm diameter can weld in several positions at a single current/voltage setting, which explains why it is highly regarded in the shipbuilding segment.

Pridėti į krepšelį


Typical Tensile Properties

As welded
Apsauginės dujos Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
C1 shielding gas 23.3 % 628 MPa 560 MPa

Čarpio V formos įrantos testo savybės

As welded
Apsauginės dujos Impact Value Testing Temperature
C1 shielding gas 140 J 0 °C
C1 shielding gas 125 J -20 °C
C1 shielding gas 109 J -30 °C

Nusėdimo duomenys

Amperai Nusėdimo greitis Skersmuo Vielos tiekimo greitis Voltai
150-350 A 2.1-7.5 kg/h 1.2 mm 5.8-20.7 m/min 27-38 V

Suvirinimo metalo analizė

C1 shielding gas
IMPERIAL_C1 shielding gas
1.27 %

Patvirtinimai: ABS, 3SA, H5, BV, SA3YM H5 (C1), CCS, 3Y40SH5 (C1), CE, EN 13479, CRS, 4Y H5S (C1), DNV, III YMS H10 (C1), GL, 4Y42H10S (C1), LR, 3YS H5 (C1), PRS, 3YS H5 (C1), RINA, 3Y S H5 (C1), RS, 3YH5 (C1), VdTÜV, 07085
Klasifikacijos: SFA/AWS A5.36, E71T1-C1A2-CS2, Weld Metal, EN ISO 17632-A, T 46 3 P C1 2 H5, Weld Metal

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Type: METRIC_CMn
Welding Current: DC+