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A downhand rutile wire for use with Ar/CO2 or CO2 shielding gas in the flat and horizontal/vertical positions. The slag is often self lifting leaving a clean weld bead surface.

Pridėti į krepšelį


Typical Tensile Properties

As welded
Apsauginės dujos Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
C1 shielding gas 28 % 530 MPa 465 MPa
M21 shielding gas 26 % 576 MPa 495 MPa

Čarpio V formos įrantos testo savybės

As welded
Apsauginės dujos Impact Value Testing Temperature
C1 shielding gas 89 J -20 °C
M21 shielding gas 114 J -20 °C

Nusėdimo duomenys

Amperai Nusėdimo greitis Skersmuo Vielos tiekimo greitis Voltai
150-350 A 2.1-7.5 kg/h 1.2 mm 5.8-20.7 m/min 27-38 V
150-350 A 1.8-6.3 kg/h 1.4 mm 3.4-12.0 m/min 26-36 V
150-450 A 1.6-8.1 kg/h 1.6 mm 2.8-12.4 m/min 24-40 V

Suvirinimo metalo analizė

Shielding Gas M21
IMPERIAL_Shielding Gas M21
0.70 %

Patvirtinimai: ABS, 3SA, 3YSA H10, BV, S3M, S3YM HH (C1), BV, S3M, S3YM HH (M21), CE, EN 13479, CRS, 3Y H10S (C1), CRS, 3Y H10S (M21), DB, 42.105.06, DNV, III YMS (H10) (C1), DNV, III YMS (H10) (M21), GL, 3Y H10S, LR, 3YS H10 (C1), LR, 3YS H10 (M21), PRS, 3YS H10 (C1), PRS, 3YS H10 (M21), VdTÜV, 03013
Klasifikacijos: SFA/AWS A5.36, E70T1-C1A0-G, Weld Metal, SFA/AWS A5.36, E70T1-M21A0-G, Weld Metal, EN ISO 17632-A, T 42 2 1Ni R C1 3 H10, Weld Metal, EN ISO 17632-A, T 46 2 1Ni R M21 3 H10, Weld Metal

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Type: Low alloy (<1% Ni)
Welding Current: DC+