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Swift Arc Transfer™ (SAT)

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  • Swift Arc Transfer™ (SAT) is a high productivity MIG process using AristoRod™ non-copper coated wires with Advanced Surface Characteristics at travel speeds well beyond the limits of normal spray arc welding 
  • The advantage AristoRod™ non-copper-coated wire over copper-coated wires is that it does not quickly contaminate the feed system with copper particles 
  • Synergic lines are available for three AristoRod™ wire sizes and various shielding gases 
  • SAT™ produces flat welds with a good penetration and without undercut 
  • An additional advantage is the low heat input, resulting in less deformation 
  • SAT™ is developed for robotic, automated and mechanised welding and suited for fillet and overlap welds in thin to thick plate, in down hand positions 
  • SAT™ uses ESAB inverter power sources together with the Robofeed 3004 wire feeder for wire feed speeds up to 30m/min (1.180 ipm) in conjunction with U82 control unit 
  • ESAB provides a complete package of equipment, consumables and synergic lines as well as the expertise to successfully implement the SAT™ process

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